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About Mildred:
Artist, Mildred has spent more than 35 years painting, which began as a hobby.​ Mildred prefers Abstract painting, allowing her free 
expression which generates eye-catching impressions.

Acrylics and Oils are mediums she generally uses in her one-of-a-kind pieces.​

Mildred’s sought after paintings are professionally framed 
with backings and wire hangers to ensure true balance when hung.
Her work is quickly recognizable and expects to become collector’s 
items in the near future. 

Her Art can be found hanging in private 
Homes & Businesses. All for sale Paintings in this viewing have hung in Galleries.
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​Timeless (Framed 23x29)
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​Beatrice (Framed 27x33)
​Tangerine (Framed 27x33)
​Suite Cases (Framed 29x25)
​Tenement (Framed 27x33)
​Glory II (Framed 27x23)
​Home Spun (Framed 24x29)
​White Christmas (Framed 28x22)
​Yellow Jasmine (Framed 27x33)
​Denver's Tree
​Black & White
​Still of The Night
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